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2023 Winter Newsletter

Sydney Harder

Jan 13, 2023

We've got a lot to share from 2022!

IncluCity had a great deal of activity in the last year! We celebrated wins, worked with clients, and engaged with the community in more ways than we could have imagined. Our hope is to contribute to a world where diverse voices are valued in the development of solutions, and we are thrilled to look back and see the seeds that we are planting begin to flourish. 

Between events, awards, usability tests and ice cream; we've got a lot to share with the community!


  • Start Alberta Tech Award

  • Out Test with Chic Geek

  • Our Tester Pool

  • Research to Social Innovation

  • Up Next: Call for Testers

Thank you for your support of IncluCity Calgary, we continue to be amazed by this community. Check out the PDF of our newsletter attached.

IncluCity Calgary Winter 2023 Newsletter
Download PDF • 709KB

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