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We are a team of technologists, designers, public employees, community organizers, entrepreneurs, policy analysts and other engaged citizens with the vision that Calgary can be a more accessible city for all. Together, we are united in the mission to plan, design and run testing sessions with an inclusive and representative group of Calgarians to improve the usability of services and solutions for teams in public, private and non-profit sectors.

Our Vision

The potential of including diverse communities is realised.

Our Mission

To improve the impact of solutions, services, and processes by engaging diverse Calgarians through inclusive usability testing.

Our Values

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

IncluCity’s most crucial value integrates into the rest of our values and guides all activities and operations.

Fostering Digital Talent

Commitment to Learning

Promoting Digital Equity for All

Increasing DEI Across Sectors 

Community Relations

Learn more about IncluCity Calgary's story and how inclusive usability testing is done in other cities.

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View our Accessibility Statement

Learn more about IncluCity's commitment to creating accessible services for Calgarians.

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