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Sharing is Caring

Uriel Karerwa

Mar 2, 2023

A Few Resources to Help You Along the Way

What happens when you get a group of people together that care about improving digital and physical spaces, places, products, and services?

A lot of great conversations, for the most part, a bit of bright-eyed dreaming about futures where everything is designed inclusively, informed and tested by a diverse audience and made accessible from the start.

Outside of being idealists, we also like to share practical lessons, tools, tips and tricks.

At IncluCity, these conversations become actualized projects like the inclusion and accessibility workshop and the inclusion-centred UX research service offering.

Sharing knowledge and information through dialogue is sometimes the first step to making things happen. Recognizing this fact, we don't want anyone to be without information, not knowing where or how to start their journey of thinking differently, advocating for change or changing the world.

We've put together a document below that brings together a few resources that might interest you, including the following themes:

  • Humane/Good/Social Impact technology

  • Inclusive design

  • Accessibility

  • UX research and design

Keep in mind:

The document is adaptive and open-source(ish). We will periodically update the document with additional resources, remove the old ones and take submissions for resources so long as it sticks with the themes above (with some necessary vetting).

Do you have any other resources to share? Don't be shy! You might inspire someone after engaging with your article, page, podcast, or movie. Submit any links to



We hope you enjoy Listening/Reading/Watching/Engaging!

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