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Spring Newsletter

Hello there!

Spring has sprung and we're excited to share some updates on what we've been up to at IncluCity. Our team has been busy collaborating with the City of Calgary, working on innovative projects with other community organizations including YWCA, hosting workshops on inclusive design, and much more.

Keep reading to learn more about what we are working on!


IncluCity volunteers doing a usability test
City of Calgary Logo

Project Announcement: City of Calgary Pilot Testing IncluCity is excited to announce a collaboration with the City of Calgary on a new pilot project aimed at improving public services. The project will include user testing with diverse Calgarians to identify ways to make The City's digital services more accessible and inclusive for everyone. Read the full press release here.


Animated people looking at a clipbboard

Other Projects: PYPD project IncluCity is also working with Prepare Your Professional Designation (PYPD). PYPD's tools and resources can help new engineering students and recent graduates identify their skill gaps and work towards obtaining their P.Eng designations, while IncluCity's expertise in inclusive design and testing ensures these opportunities are inclusive and accessible to all who may need it. We are thrilled to announce this project as it has the potential to make a significant impact on individuals pursuing a career in engineering, organizations, and the broader community.


Photo of IncluCity workshop


We're excited to report on the success of our recent workshop on inclusive design, hosted in March. Led by our Project Coordinator Uriel Karerwa, the event was open to all skill levels and provided an introduction to inclusive user testing, accessibility, and inclusion-centered design.

Attendees engaged in hands-on activities and discussions to deepen their understanding of these important topics. Stay tuned for more events!


Women from YWCA
YWCA Logo: Women Centred, brighter-future focused

YWCA Test Wrap-up The YW Calgary Chrysalis Survey is a vital tool for measuring the impact of their programs and services. However, the survey's lower response rates prompted the YW Calgary team to seek ways to improve access, usability, equity, and inclusion. IncluCity partnered with YW Calgary to conduct a heuristic analysis and P.U.R.E analysis, evaluating the survey based on UX principles commonly used to assess user interfaces. The analysis uncovered potential areas of improvement and offered recommendations, such as reviewing wording in error messages, removing the progress bar and using numbered pages, and marking required and optional questions. With these recommendations from IncluCity, YW Calgary can make the survey more effective and accessible to gather more impactful data.


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IncluCity volunteers and EdmontonUX Attendees

IncluCity in Edmonton: EdmontonUX + Design Cafe Our team had a fantastic time at the UX Camp 2023 conference in Edmonton, Alberta, where they learned about the latest innovations and trends in UX design. Among the highlights were presentations on conducting user research with underrepresented groups, product localization, and accessibility in the wild. We also had the opportunity to participate in The Social Impact Lab of Alberta’s Design Cafe in Edmonton and are excited to continue building relationships with communities in Edmonton in the future!


Blog News

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Usability Moment New network: The Researching Strategies for Rehabilitation, or RESTORE, launched in Calgary to study and improve neurological rehabilitation. Read the full story

Upcoming Events Stay tuned for workshops and upcoming usability testing opportunities! Community Events Calendar at Platform:


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