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February 2024 Newsletter

Hey Inclucity Family!

We're thrilled to kick off the latest edition of our newsletter, and wow, do we have some exciting updates to share with you!

Stephen Yuen, Co-Founder
Stephen Yuen, Co-Founder

Message from our Co-Founder Stephen Yuen

Since the start of Inclucity, every new year has brought forward new challenges. This year will be no different as Inclucity continues to adapt to best serve our mission in realizing the potential that including diverse communities can have in the design and decision-making process. 

Some of these changes will be more apparent, like our look and the partnerships we build. Others will be less apparent, like the projects we take on to make Inclucity more efficient.

A constant throughout Inclucity’s existence, however, has been our community. That’s why with this issue of our newsletter, we want to highlight the people and communities that make up Inclucity and share our values.

If there are things about Inclucity you want to hear or learn about on our newsletters, please reach out to myself ( or Mariia ( We always welcome feedback on how to make our newsletters more informative to our community.

Thank you all for your contributions, support, and time! 


📣 What's important? 

 Inclucity advisors are now extending support to Innovate Calgary members through the Expert Advisor Program. Learn more about the program here and discover how Inclucity is contributing to the entrepreneurial journey.


“The Expert Advisor Program (EA Program) matches early-stage startup companies with seasoned experts to help them achieve their business goals. This program leverages the domain expertise of advisors to help entrepreneurs complete specific deliverables within a timeline.” - Link


To read more about our talented team members, we wanted to spotlight these amazing individuals. 

Zoey Li, Service Designer, Usability Advisor
Zoey Li, Service Designer, Usability Advisor

Meet Zoey, a driving force behind inclusive transformations in nonprofit and government sectors! By day, she works as a Service Designer at Button and with a passion for human-centered design, Zoey brings a fresh perspective to organizations, helping them gain empathy and understand denizen needs when building services for Canadians. She also serves as a usability advisor at IncluCity, championing inclusive design through leading user testing for organizations like post-secondary institutions and the City, and amplifying community members voicing their needs from the services they use. Adding to her repertoire, Zoey serves on the Board of Directors at CityHive, an organization empowering youth to drive civic change. With a range of community involvements, Zoey's mission is clear: to amplify community voices and work towards a society where everyone thrives in an equitable world.

Scott Herron, Freelance Accessibility Specialist
Scott Herron, Freelance Accessibility Specialist

Introducing Scott, the trailblazing disabilities and inclusion specialist who brings empathy to the forefront of workplace dynamics! With a knack for innovation, Scott crafts accessible solutions that cater to diverse user needs and advocates passionately for global digital accessibility. His expertise extends to integrating accessible technology seamlessly into customer experiences and implementing impactful programs.

In the realm of Diversity and Inclusion, Scott is a true expert, keeping a pulse on grants, policies, and trends to foster inclusive professional environments. As an engaging instructor and facilitator, he shares his wisdom in university classrooms and dynamic workshops, centering on human-centered design principles.

Scott's talents shine in Customer Experience and Accessible User Design, where he pioneers groundbreaking solutions for all users, championing the global Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and staying abreast of international legislation.

In Change Management, Scott is a collaborative leader, guiding organizations to integrate accessible technology with a team-focused approach that enhances usability for all. Join Scott on his journey to foster inclusivity and accessibility in every workplace!

Uriel Karerwa, Research Operations
Uriel Karerwa, Research Operations

Like many, Uriel’s path to UX is unconventional, but possesses the core underpinnings of a UX researcher: a deep curiosity, and a desire to make digital tools more inclusive and accessible.

With a background in Neuroscience, evolving into a passion for solving complex problems, mixed with experience working with marginalized groups in the disability support community, Uriel later found himself invested in the digital usability and accessibility of products. 

Today, Uriel is the Program Manager at IncluCity Calgary, wearing many hats as the research operations specialist, user researcher and more. In just two years, he’s led over 14 inclusive UX research projects, with a focus on underserved communities, coordinating over 100 qualitative user tests with diverse test participants, all in the name of more human centered technology.

Uriel thrives on collaboration and is always on the lookout for new methods and tools to enhance research outcomes. If you're looking to make a meaningful difference in how your organization connects with its community, Uriel is your go-to strategist.


What's important?

Banner of Young, Black and Entrepreneurial Panel

Uriel's Talk at Haskayne School of Business

Uriel Karerwa has been invited as a speaker at the second annual Black History Month Mixer. So, join us on February 26 from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. at the BMO Forum in Scurfield Hall for an inspiring evening of community, networking, and insightful discussions. Uriel will be part of the dynamic panel, 'Young, Black, and Entrepreneurial,' where he will share his experiences and insights.


🏆 Who's in the spotlight?

The BRDGE Logo

Congratulations to Daniella Jasper and her team at The BRDG, on winning the Pitch competition at the Launch party organised by the Black Business Ventures Association.

Daniella is a great example of a company that continues to try and innovate and offer more to their diverse user base. As proud partners of The BRDGE, IncluCity is honored to have collaborated on a project with Daniella and her team. 

If your wanting to try food from around the world look no further than

Thanks so much for working with Inclucity!

Able and Available Logo

Get ready to be inspired because Able and Available! It's not just a job board; it's a powerful force driving positive change in the employment landscape! Their mission? To transform the way we perceive employment by ensuring the inclusion and empowerment of individuals with disabilities. Through their dedicated efforts, they are not just connecting individuals with job opportunities; they're empowering each person to reach their fullest potential in the workplace. With Able & Available, we believe in the power of equal opportunities and the transformative impact they have on individuals and communities.


⚡ What's new?

Or rather, who’s new?

Funto, Financial Planning and Analysis Specialist

Funto, is our Financial Planning and Analysis Specialist. With a passion for numbers, she is dedicated to steering Inclucity towards new heights.   Beyond her financial and strategy prowess, Funto firmly believes that a simple cookie has the power to brighten even the toughest days. Her enthusiasm for precision in financial planning makes her an invaluable addition to our team.

Mariia Nazarko, Community Coordinator

Mariia, our Community Coordinator. Mariia's love for establishing new connections and creating a positive environment is truly enthusiastic. She firmly believes that a single smile, even from a stranger, has the remarkable ability to turn around a bad day. With her on board, we look forward to fostering an even more welcoming and vibrant community.


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