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Summer 2023 Newsletter

Hello there!

I hope this sunny season is treating you well! We've got some exciting updates to share with you in our summer newsletter.

Keep reading to learn more about what we are working on!


Portrait of Hanan Chebib
New Board Member:

Hanan Chebib

"I love IncluCity's unique offering and believe whole-heartedly in the impact they make in our community and economy. As a human-centric organization, created by amazing humans with a vision for real action and change, I knew I wanted to be a part of their mission."

We are excited to introduce Hanan Chebib, our newest board member, whose diverse background and expertise make her an invaluable addition to our team. As the Founder and Chief Social Scientist of Social Studies Lab, she brings a culmination of 17 years of experience in award-winning live experiences, programs and products. She's led brave, innovative change by bringing together unique perspectives and expertise. She believes any good challenge can be taken on with thoughtful, open, collaborative, human-focused teams.

Hanan's achievements also include developing leaders in tech to support women as Chic Geek’s Program Specialist, where she beta tested and launched Chic Geek’s Career Pathing program which led to 400+ members and over 1000 connections made for women in tech to mentors. Her role as the Artistic Producer for a series of dance films at the Alberta Ballet, where she showcased adaptability and creativity during the pandemic. Her leadership as the Director of Creative Experiences at Beakerhead highlights her ability to drive transformative projects, collaborate with industry leaders, and create awe-inspiring experiences that inspire and delight. With Hanan's visionary thinking and collaborative spirit, we are so excited to embark on an exciting new chapter together.


Portrait of Jasmine Cha
New Team Member:

Jasmine Cha "So psyched to be part of IncluCity Calgary’s vibrant squad! I’m excited to help make our digital community accessible to all, by putting our hearts into engaging with Calgarians and making space for everyone!"

Jasmine is joining the IncluCity team as our Volunteer and Community Coordinator as a champion for digital change, a troubleshooter for social problems, and a fierce advocate for communities. She is fuelled by a burning passion for social innovation, advancing equality, and empowering communities. Working in diverse teams is her jam, and her superpower lies in communicating and collaborating effectively to coordinate projects and come up with creative solutions.

Jasmine is incredibly proud to have been recognized as a Top 30 Under 30 by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation. Her eclectic background spans Psychology, Health Sciences, and Information Technology, and she is on a mission to create positive ripples in our society through social transformation, digital innovation, and earnest community interactions.


Portrait of Yinyu Liang
New Team Member:

Yinyu Liang

"I am a newcomer with a passion for promoting diversity and inclusion. Seeking to leverage skills and love for nonprofit missions to empower the community and to enrich Canadian society with inclusiveness and technology."

Yinyu is joining our team for the summer as our Community Coordinator thanks to CIWA's Job Placement Program! She is multifaceted in administrative roles and a skilled communicator in multiple languages, with knowledge of many cultures from her world travels.


🌻 Community Updates and Exciting Initiatives

Summer is in full swing, and we've been bustling with activity. Here are some highlights:


Person Using Technology on Public Transit
YWCA Logo: Women Centred, brighter-future focused

Ongoing Projects: City of Calgary

IncluCity is working on a collaboration with The City of Calgary on a new pilot project aimed at improving public services. The project will include user testing with diverse Calgarians to identify ways to make The City's digital services more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Photo of IncluCity workshop

Capstone Projects

We are so thankful for the staff and Applied Digital Transformation students at SAIT in partnership with Tacit Edge who helped improve the IncluCity website and mobile app, implementing innovative accessibility solutions to create an inclusive digital space for better user trust and accessibility.

Other Projects:

Stay Tuned!

Our team is working on several projects, from heuristic analysis to end-to-end inclusive testing projects!

We'll be releasing more information and key learnings from these experiences, so stay tuned on our blog and social media!


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Blog News

New on the blog


Usability Moment

In 2023, popular GIF platform GIPHY partnered with digital accessibility provider Scribely to provide alt text captions for its most popular content, making the video-and-meme-based language of the internet more accessible to users who are blind.

Upcoming Events Stay tuned for workshops and upcoming usability testing opportunities! Community Events Calendar at Platform:


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